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Getting the Health Insurance You Need For Less

The rising costs of health care are a huge concern for people of all ages. Unfortunately, many of the millions of people in this country without health insurance are forgoing both preventative and fixative care which can lead to even more serious problems in the long run. Low cost health insurance is a great option for those who are not offered insurance through their jobs and who may be unable to spend a few hundred dollars a month to pay for steep premiums.

One of the best ways to find good deals on insurance is to shop around. The cost of premiums varies wildly from company to company, and those who use the free quotes that many insurers offer to their advantage may be rewarded with big savings. The best deals are often available to those who are younger and without pre-existing medical conditions, but even those with a history of chronic illness will find much variation in the cost and quality of coverage that they are offered.

Many do not need full coverage. Often, the highest priced premiums offer more coverage than one needs. By seeking out a company that will allow you some flexibility in choosing which services are covered, you can end up paying less than $100 a month for insurance. To qualify for the lowest premiums, opt of out extras like prescription drug coverage and dental insurance unless your annual expenditure totals more than the cost differential.

Find companies that offer lower premiums for “good behavior.” If you are generally in good health, are a non-smoker, and maintain a BMI in what is consider the optimum range, some companies may offer discounts on health insurance premiums. Seeking out these companies can reduce the risk of overpaying for coverage and make your out of pocket expense more affordable.

Even if you are currently insured, shopping for a new insurance carrier is a great way to trim your budget and save over a thousand dollars a year.

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