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Group Health Insurance Provides Low Price Coverage

Insurance is a necessity in this country, but for many of us, it is a luxury. This is in part because of the unemployment rate over the last 3 years. Most of those who have lost their jobs have lost their health coverage. Our options are left to Cobra, an extremely expensive alternative that is unfathomable to consider. That is because no one can afford it if they are not making money. Some of the lucky ones are able to go on the insurance of their spouse, unless of course they are not working! Imagine those with children not having insurance. That is the situation many thousands of families face.

Group health insurance is one of those white knights for those of us who at least have coverage through their companies. It is an unfortunate situation for those without work, but for those who still have jobs, group health insurance is the way to go. That is because the costs are very inexpensive. Whenever you have multiple employees all on the same type of plan the prices are just going to be much lower than individual coverage. Plus, most pre existing conditions are not a factor when you are insured under a group plan.

Now you have your PPO plans and your HMO plans, both which can be good plans depending on your needs. You still have to make you decisions based on whether or not your doctor is in the insurance network. If you do not care which doctor you get under your insurance plan then you will most likely save even more money. The opportunities for saving are endless. Additionally, dental insurance is offered at some great rates. The dentist network that is included under these plans may or may not have your dentist.

Even though your doctor and dentist choices may be limited, your coverage will be more than adequate under a group health insurance plan. The point is those of us you still have jobs have an extremely unfair advantage. They will save literally thousands compared to those who have to resort to individual coverage. Those of you, who are searching for a job, make sure they provide good health insurance; if you can afford to choose your next job. During the interview ask what kind of insurance packages they offer; and find out who the insurance company is. Some people choose their job based solely on the coverage provided.

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