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Humana Insurance – The Options Are Endless

Millions of people today trust their health insurance coverage to Humana insurance, a company that was founded in 1961 as a nursing home community. Today, the company is headquartered in Kentucky and covers well over seven million people mainly in 22 states plus Puerto Rico. Not only are plans offered for groups, families and individuals, the plans you come across are relatively inexpensive. If you are seeking the right provider to give health insurance options to your employees, you should know that Humana is one of the most popular group insurance providers available today. Employees can choose the perfect plan for their situation and even narrow their ideal plan down to the specific spending amount they have per month to put toward healthcare costs.

In all categories-group, individual, or family plans-there is a wide variety of coverage options. Some have high deductibles while others have low deductibles, a factor that directly affects monthly premiums. There are personal care accounts along with customizable additions to individual and family policies like maternity coverage and dental insurance. With all of these adaptable options, you can make your Humana insurance coverage fit you like a glove without overpaying in categories you do not need or dealing with a lack of coverage where you need it most.

The options for Humana insurance plans are endless. If you need individual coverage, you will be interested in Humana One insurance, a system that offers four different deductible amounts. These are $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000. Humana One covers 80% of up to $10,000 beyond the deductible amount and 100% up to $5 million in medical expenses over your lifetime. The Humana Choice Care Network supplies over 320,000 doctors and healthcare professionals in all 50 states to serve the 1.3 million PPO members. Doctor visits are part of the 80% coverage up to $10,000 after the deductible is met.

Apart from the excellent variety of coverage options provided by Humana insurance, they also have a very helpful website that you can utilize as you attempt to achieve an amount of coverage that is affordable yet comprehensive enough to be helpful should you need to utilize your coverage. Apart from this, the website offers helpful suggestions about staying healthy, including healthy recipes, ideas for fun workouts and beneficial reading about general health. Most other health insurance companies do not offer great benefits like this to their customers, which is why so many have chosen Humana insurance over other providers.

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