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Why People Prefer Dental Implants to Bridges

In this day and age, you have a lot going for you if you look your best – as far as physical appearance goes, you need to be eye candy if you are going to achieve your life goals. From your hair down to your toes, you need to have flawless skin, a toned physique and a great smile if you are to score everything from your dream job to your dream guy or girl.

However, that’s not to say that what’s on the inside doesn’t count. It’s just that to get people to want to know you, you have to draw them in first and nothing draws them in better than a bubbly personality and a great smile. A youthful and attractive appearance also reflects good health so people shouldn’t blame wrinkles, fine lines and unsightly facial blemishes because these can actually be signs of underlying illnesses that you need to take care of.

Among other physical attributes that people tend to focus on and blame for their social problems is their teeth. As we age, teeth can get discolored and some of us even suffer tooth loss due to genes, accidents or poor oral hygiene. Smiles are important because they act like calling cards – they are what make people want to get to know you and often, the basis of many first impressions.

In the old days, when people lost their teeth the only option they had were dentures and bridges. While these temporarily solved the problem, bridges were also hard to maintain because you couldn’t floss properly for one and it increased the chances of patients developing serious periodontal diseases. Bridges are also not permanent which is why people who wear them have the hardest time keeping their gums and underlying bone healthy.
These are only some of the reasons why dental implants are preferable to bridges. Not only are they more permanent solutions to your problem, they are also more economical because they don’t need to be replaced as often as bridges. And the best part is that because they are made of better materials, one can be assured that they will enjoy a full set of teeth for years to come without any worries about eating, chewing or speaking.

Also, since dental implants don’t undergo decay, the surrounding and adjacent teeth don’t require crowns to support them. This is totally unlike wearing bridges where, if the surrounding and adjacent teeth show signs of decay, the bridge and its crowns will need to be replaced.

As far as costs go, dental implants can be quite costly and usually isn’t covered by most dental insurances but it can last a lifetime as long as they are properly cared for and maintained. Bridges are cheaper but will only last about 10 years max. So since we are talking about investing in your appearance, you may as well go for the implants to really make it worth your time and money. The fact that it has a success rate of 98% probably won’t hurt your chances.

While dental implants sound like they’re well worth looking into, you need to understand that it cannot be done on just anybody. If you’re a diabetic or a smoker, you decrease your chances of being qualified for the procedure because of the diminished blood supply that is essential to helping your implant fuse to your jawbone. Also, the doctor you choose is essential to the success of the procedure because you need one who truly specializes in cosmetic dentistry to ensure you get the best of what the procedure can offer.

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